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As is customary in Hindu weddings, the groom always comes on horseback accompanied by his entire family in procession with lights and a band.  This is referred to as 'The Barat'

Upon arrival of The Barat, the groom's family is greeted by the bride's family.  The families meet after the ceremonial cutting of the tape.

The bride and the groom are received by family and guests and, in India, the traditional Western idea of a reception (dinner, dancing etc.) actually happens before the wedding ceremony.

As the evening winds down, close family and friends remain for the actual wedding ceremony, which usually starts well past midnight.

We are then led to the wedding canopy (mandap), and a ceremonial fire is lit to perform the marriage ritual.

Towards the end of the ceremony, family members hold a red canopy over the couple as they embark on walking seven times around the sacred fire to solemnize their vows.

The first three circles around the fire are led by the bride and the final four by the groom.

At the completion of the wedding ceremony the groom places vermillion powder onto the bride's forehead to sanctify their union.

Offerings from the parents are given to the new couple